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Can I get an Income
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Student debt in America is now 1 Trillion dollars... you are not alone.

You can do something to help yourself now; change the course of your future and give yourself immediate financial relief.


New Federal Programs have been implemented that allow borrowers to lower their monthly payments based on family size and income. You might even qualify for Loan Forgiveness but you will never know unless you reach out for information and help.


In less than 5 minutes you can be qualified for a Student Loan FORGIVENESS and/or a Student Loan CONSOLIDATION Plan!

How it works.

By working with us, you will be able to save time and money by getting your student loan consolidation  paperwork completed by our team of experienced student loan application processors.


Our trained personnel will work with you closely throughout the entire process.


We will prepare all the required documents in order to submit your application to the Department of Education for your consolidation.


Our goal is to ensure that we help you get enrolled in the best program that will fit your student loan needs.


To find out what programs you may qualify for call our student debt helpline. (855) 801-5969

What we do.

Thousands of students helped.

By cutting their monthly payments by at least 50 percent.

By receiving much lower rates & terms.

By consolidating loans with lower monthly payments.

By getting Federal Student Loan Forgiveness.

By improving their credit rating and score.
By acting now to let us help you!

The next step.

Call our Student Debt Helpline for immediate assistance (855) 801-5969 or... Chat Online with

a student loan help specialist or... learn how

much we can save you by providing the following...



Direct Student Loan Solutions is part of the Association for Federal Student Loan Relief ("ALFSLR").  Our company is designed with one goal; to help find and file for financial relief programs for students and graduates just like you!


Our mission is to enroll as many borrowers into lower payment programs before they are not available any more.


Direct Student Loan Solutions works with multiple Government assisted programs that may reduce your monthly loan and interest payments;  which means, the U.S. Department of Education will assume your loan and bring you current in the event you are in default!


for updates to federal guidelines and
how they might affect your loan status.

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